About us

We sincerely believe that it is possible to flourish
in the professional world without forgetting to enjoy life.


AGT has been a recognized leader for its know-how and innovative approach in the development and manufacturing of automated industrial equipment. Innovation, creativity, research and development have always been the main thrusts of our strong and versatile team. Combining our different skills to meet and exceed your expectations, we are all driven by a common passion for new challenges.

Working for AGT means making it happen while having FUN!

We work hard and we are proud of our achievements, but we also never neglect happiness at work. To have a cohesive team, you also need to know how to have fun while working!


An innovative field,
a career of the future!

AGT Robotics manufactures high calibre industrial equipment integrating both vision and robotics powered by our in-house developed software. Our unique solutions make AGT a company that is renowned for its expertise and which also allows for internal growth and development in a future-oriented field.

Companies with whom you will collaborate during your work

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